Peruvian event fundraising to support our Peruvian Compatriots who have
suffered due to the devastating flooding's in Peru.


$15 per head or purchase 10 tickets and pay only $130 ($20 discount)Be part of something big. Purchase your ticket below.

peru event fund

Gaby Company from The Dreaming Show is inviting you to join us to the Peruvian Fundraising Event with the purpose to raise funds to support our Peruvian Compatriots in Peru. A time to get together and become one to support those in need in Peru who have suffered due to the floods.

Girl in trouble

Hope is Near

Peru faced heavy rains, floods and landslides making thousands homeless. The floods have been triggered by "El Nino" a warming of Surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean. Rescuers used helicopters, trucks and zip line to evacuate residents after torrential rain and floods in Peru.

Evangelina Chamorro

Evangelina Chamorro was swept away for a third of a mile by an avalanche of mud on the Coast South of Lima- Peru. She survived and never gave up. According to her testimony the whole time she was asking God to give her the strength to keep on fighting.

Hurt person


Location:  49 Nicholson Street, Brunswick East, VIC, 3057

Time:  6:00 pm  -  1:00 am

Date:  24th of June 2017